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Executive Search


The objective of the Executive Search process is to approach and assess exemplary candidates based on a deep understanding of your requirement and business challenges. The overall aim of which is to minimize time to hirereduce the effort of a traditional hiring process and to identify the right candidate for the position, whether active or passive on the market.

At iLmuTech Recruitment, we understand the strategic nature of senior- or executive-level hires and the importance of an engaging selection process. We work with you to understand not only the individual requirement but the wider business needs. A retained Executive Search allows us the flexibility to understand both the hiring process and eventual aims of the role, producing candidates who display the core competencies and skills required while aligning with your company’s culture and values.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and service excellence for both client and candidate. We follow a process, which is documented; we provide progress reports and operate with integrity, discretion and confidentiality.


The Executive Search process is split into six key stages:

  1. Understanding your requirements
  2. Market analysis
  3. Approaching and engaging candidates (long list)
  4. Candidate qualification (short list)
  5. Managing the interview process
  6. Offer and acceptance

Understanding your requirements
Partnering with you allows us understand all aspects of the hire: skills, abilities, cultural fit, position and impact on your business. Essential understanding for crucial appointments.

Market analysis
A scoping exercise to understand similar or competitor organisations, alongside analysing our own network of contacts, to highlight potentially fits for your specification. At this stage, a list of the most relevant candidates is developed.

Approach and engage candidates
Discreet and professional engagement with relevant individuals. For the candidates we approach, the retained search indicates a level of dedication and commitment from their potential employer and allows us to evangelise your brand. It also highlights the standards we adhere to: confidentiality, trust, pro-activity, and the partnership between us and you. All candidates identified at this stage are kept exclusive to you until the position is filled.

Candidate qualification
Having a thorough understanding of the brief, we qualify candidates quickly and effectively. We also aim to understand the candidate’s ambitions, motivations and goals; an important part of marrying the right candidates to the opportunity.

This qualification information will be provided as part of the agreed documentation and will become key information for future reference.

At this stage a short list of the best candidates is produced.

Managing the interview process
We work in partnership with you throughout the interview process, providing briefings, managing diaries and conducting reviews. We can arrange off-site interview facilities and can partner for interviews, providing trained professionals if required.

Offer and acceptance
At this stage, all bases have been covered thoroughly by the Executive Search process, however, European Recruitment will still work assiduously with both parties, managing any external factors (such as counter offers) to secure the right package and terms for all concerned.

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Contingency Search

We are confident that we can fill your roles for you. We approach contingency search services with efficiency, detailed knowledge of your requirements, tools to find the best passive candidates, and a unique database of existing candidates. Unlike most agencies that send a huge number of CVs for you to sift through we send a small number of highly targeted candidates that meet your specific needs. We do our utmost to ensure the people we introduce match your requirements. We stay involved throughout the recruitment process to ensure that clients and candidates are seeing eye to eye for a smooth search to hire process.

If you are looking for a contingency recruitment agency that specialises in your technologies, please contact Sree at for more information.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing

iLmuTech Recruitment’s resource process outsourcing is a partial or complete recruitment solution for our clients, providing them with all the services and technologies to act essentially as an internal recruitment department. The benefit of engaging us for RPO is that we perform all the recruitment duties on the clients’ behalf, increasing efficiency and lowering overall cost.

After we determine our clients resourcing challenges we establish the best model of action that meets the clients’ needs. Our specialists are dedicated to working with our clients to provide them with exactly what they are looking for, supported by years of experience within niche technical recruitment. We have a deep understanding of technologies, market, values and culture.

We strive to deliver the right service for our clients to achieve maximum cost saving and unparalleled staffing solutions. We have a unique network of partners and candidates that ensure we can provide the best possible recruitment solution.

If you are a niche technology company looking for recruitment process outsourcing for please contact Sree at for more information.


Candidate Services

We offer a high quality solution for the next step in your career or your next contract.

We are experienced, straight forward and honest consultants. We will take you through your next career move or contract step by step, keeping you up to date and offering advice throughout the whole process.

Our client base includes world leaders, small successful start ups, and medium to large companies across the Malaysia and Singapore.

We have long-standing relationships with many of our clients, meaning that we give you the best possible chance of securing a role. We have direct contact with line managers so you can be safe in knowing your CV will be in the hands of the right person and not lost in the company’s database.

Take a look at our testimonials to get an idea of why we are so successful. A large number of our candidates come to us through referrals. This is due to our single aim of making sure we offer the best possible service to each candidate, and that even if we do not place them, they’re confident that we have done all we could possibly do for their career whether this be on a permanent or contract basis